What Is the Best Non-Touristy Things That Can Be Done in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach is widely known as a tourist’s paradise that provides several things that attract visitors to this place. Some of them being water parks, chain restaurants, neon lights, etc. If you are visiting this awesome beach, there are a few things that are worth doing at this place.

Rent a paddleboard and kayak

You will find most of the tourists near motorized watersports. It makes sense to take the less crowded option to enjoy watersport activities. Renting a paddleboard or a kayak on Myrtle Beach can give you a wonderful experience to explore the waterways.

Mr. Fish Restaurant

Having performed some watersport activities, now it is the time look for a good restaurant.  Smell of the ocean air sets your mood for seafood. You will find several top-quality seafood restaurants near the Beach. One of the best restaurants that offer seafood specialties is Mr.Fish Restaurant. Here you will be served with plenty of different types of seafood dishes such as delicious local crab, sushi and triggerfish.

Another good place is La Poblanita which is a favorite place for localities. This place is best visited by people to enjoy delectable Mexican food. Another popular restaurants in this area being the Cheesesteak Factory, Fat Jack’s and Habibi’s.

The Local Grind Coffeehouse and Cafe

Once the main course is over, you would definitely like to complete your meal by sipping your favorite beverage. There is nothing better than the Local Grind Coffeehouse and Café to enjoy a relaxing evening.  This is the best place to grab a cup of aromatic and delicious coffee made with premium quality coffee beans handpicked from different parts of the world.


Choosing a beach is very important to make an amazing trip. This beach is perfect for people of all age groups. All these activities will surely make your trip all the more interesting.