Various Methods Employed For Ear Stretching

Ear stretching are increasingly becoming in vogue today. It can be done through various methods like –

  • Dead Stretching – Not requiring any special tools or equipments, here you simply force the next larger jewellery into you’re piercing, sometimes using a lubricant. This method is not recommended as it may lead to tearing, blowouts or permanent scar tissue.
  • Pierce and Taper – Here significantly larger tapers are inserted straight after the ear has undergone scalpel ling. This method is again not recommended due to high risk of scar tissue and infection.
  • Silicone Plugs – Silicone Plugs can be easily inserted inside the ear lobes by simply squishing the plugs. It automatically stretches your ear as it springs back to size. Malleability is the key principle here. But this method neither allows healthy healing nor eliminates the risk of infection since the stop the skin underneath from breathing.
  • Weights – It’s an easy way to gauge up utilizing gravity. It is again highly unrecommended because of potential injury.

ear stretching 3

  • Tapering – It is the most recommended and safest method in which a simple cone shaped rod is lubricated at its widest point and a jewellery is added to be back where the cone tapers. Here the size of the hole is gradually increased.

You can use any of the above methods to stretch your ears.