Various Applications of Piezoelectric Ceramics

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It is possible to construct piezoelectric system for any kind application by using electromechanical transducer. The limiting factor for any particular application is weight, size and cost of piezoelectric system. This kind of device of piezoelectric can be fitted into four categories:

  • Piezo generators

Ceramics of piezoelectric can generate enough spark between the electrode gap and therefore certain piezoelectric company produces ignitors for gas stoves, fuel lighters, welding equipment etc. This type of ignition system is much smaller and simpler as compared to other systems that uses capacitors and high voltage transformers or permanent magnets. For More Information About the Best piezoelectric company, Please Check

  • Sensors

Sensors of piezoelectric can convert pressure or acceleration into electrical signal. In certain sensors physical parameters like pressure or acceleration directly works on piezoelectric element. It is possible to convert any acoustical signal vibration into electrical signal.

  • Piezo actuators

These actuators can convert electrical signal into finely controlled physical displacement and can be used for controlling any precision machining operation on mirrors, lenses or any kind of tools. These actuators can also be used for controlling hydraulic valves, small volume pumps and any special purpose motors too.

Piezo actuators are also of two different types – namely stack actuator and stripe actuator. Stack actuators can be constructed in two different ways – discrete stacking and co-firing as per user needs. Stripe actuators are also called bending actuator where thin layers of ceramics of piezoelectric are bonded.

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  • Transducers

Piezoelectric transducer can be used for converting electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy that can also be in the form of sound or ultrasound.