Types of Dog Harnesses Available in the Market

When you search dog harnesses on the net, you would be surprised by the plethora of options thrown at you. It has so many uses, and thus every dog owner requires it for one purpose or the other. Based on their utility and functionality, harnesses are divided into major types.

The first type is the freight harness which is an H-back harness. Having a wide chest band, it is available with both paddings and without padding. The straps after being worn form an “H” or a ladder like a figure across the back of the dog. The design is such that the weight of the subject matter gets evenly distributed across the broader area of the body.

The second type is the X-back harness. It is called so as it forms the ‘X’ like the pattern on the dog’s back. Lighter and shorter than the freight harness, these are ideal for racing dogs. You can find shorter versions of this racing harness as well which tend to ride more towards the front side of the body of the dog.

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Then is the Y-back harness which resembles the H-harness. Harnessed at the top of the dog’s back is their tug line anchor which facilitates a parallel stretch to the ground while a sled is being pulled or a skier is moving upward. Due to the stretching, the dog can arch up and down naturally while galloping and still not get his back sore.