Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Visiting Stockholm in Winter

If a little cold doesn’t bother you, then Stockholm is the best place to visit during winter. The place is a definition of coziness as it is considered as the best destinations in Europe.

From museums to Christmas market and enjoying scenic beauty, there are countless things that you can do in Stockholm during winter, therefore consider free tour Stockholm.

Explore the Vasa museum

  • Winter is the best time to explore the awesome museums. One of the all-time favorite museums of tourists is the Vasa museum. It is uniquely designed and named after the Vasa ship which sank in 1628 in Stockholm.
  • After several hundreds of years at sea, the Vasa was retrieved and preserved in the museum. It is the world’s most conserved 17th-century ship.

Ski at the Hammarbybacken

  • If you are a skier then, this is the perfect place for skiing. Hammarbybacken is a popular spot for tourists as well as locals during the winter season.
  • You will find a snow park which has numerous slopes. Even you can rent equipment from the hotels and enjoy the restaurants and cafes.

Skansen – Open-air museum

  • It is one of the oldest open-air museums which are present in the world. The museum offers an outstanding view throughout the island which makes it quite popular.
  • You can learn about Sweden’s history as well as its animals, handicrafts, and goods. In winter, it becomes very pleasant with hot beverages and a fire roaring up to warm your hands.