Top Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Your Stuff to a Storage Unit

Shifting your belongings to a storage unit should be a well thought out and disciplined move. If you act in haste chances are you will miss out on a few important jobs/checks which could lead to damage and often frustration. So go through the ‘do not’ list given below to ensure your moving programme is successful

  • Do not leave any quality items such as upholstered chairs etc. uncovered. Ensure that such items are covered with a moisture-proof material which will help to maintain them in good condition.
  • Do not send the packed storage boxes out of your home without a final check that there are no insects present in them. If there is any infestation such as moths etc. clothing stored in the boxes are liable to get irreparably damaged.
  • Failure to label your boxes during the moving process can lead to confusion later on – if and when you need to retrieve any particular items. Also store the boxes you might require in a shorter time frame in the front, to avoid having to move heavy boxes later on.


Besides making a note of the above avoidable mistakes when you need to move your stuff to storage units in Laguna Niguel. Always be careful as to which type of storage units you choose as it can ensure that your items are properly kept there and stored.