Tips to Clean Hot Water Pressure Washer Easily and Efficiently

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Before using high pressure hot water gun, read the safety manual to understand each step and precautions to take. Each manual differs, so some may need special preparation, attachments or assembly to get the work completed properly. In addition, personal safety precautions include gloves, boots, protective eye-glasses, etc. before you start wash-down.

All the surrounding doors and walls need to be covered with painter’s tape and plastic sheets, which protects loose debris or paint removal from high pressure hot water. With a broom clear dirt and debris from the exposed surface.

If necessary, spray surface with degreaser but keep yourself at safe distance as instructed on the bottle. Use stiff brush on greasy surface or attachment tool. Use appropriate tip designed to wash detergent and snap it on spray wand and lock it securely. Make sure to attach correct hot water nozzle, which matches the pressure required for the task. Wrong nozzle selection can damage the exposed surface. Even ensure to lock tips securely to avert injury.

Put the detergent tube inside the detergent container. Connect pressure washer hose to the wand and attach it to the garden tap and turn it on. As soon as, you turn the pressure washer on, detergent will be instantly brought into water flow within spray wand.


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Spray forward and backward maintaining appropriate distance and control. Allow detergent to rest for some time on the surface. Now, wash it with clean water.

Before starting the wash-down process, make sure that your water supply is capable of delivering specified gallons per minute.