Take sightseeing boats to explore places in Stockholm, Sweden!

Situated near the Baltic Sea and surrounded by many islands, Stockholm is one of the best and most beautiful cruise sightseeing destinations.

There are no second thoughts in my mind that why is it given the title of “The Venice of the North”! The capital of Sweden deserves it. It is best known for art, culture, history and musical activities.

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There are two things to consider in this situation! The ports where the ships dock and the place you can visit while coming off from a cruise ship:

Harbors where the great ships dock:

Stadsgarden, Frihamnen, Skeppsbron, and Fortojning Pa Strommen!

Places you can visit from a cruise ship:

  1. Vasa Museum: it is one of the most famous tourist points that consist of the ancient yet more powerful warships. The highlight of the place is Vasa Sank!
  2. City hall Stockholm: this is municipal building that beholds the annual Nobel Prize awards. A ball help leads the function in the golden hall.
  3. Skansen open-air Museum: this place displays the art and culture of Sweden. The most unique and attractive things about the place id no roof thing! You get to see the flora and wildlife of the time quite well preserved.
  4. The ABBA Museum: this is the place, Stockholm is known for! This museum will take you back to memory lane and help you connect with the history of the site. This place is apt to participate and blend into the culture of Sweden.
  5. The Royal Palace: as the name says, the place is famous and visited to see the homes and lifestyle of the royal families, the treasury and the royal church.

Lastly, you can savor the best Sweden coffee and food at the Fafangan restaurant. I hope you enjoy your time and get to admire the best views of the place.

A cruise ship with be the most luxurious and fun way to spend time and explore the areas in Stockholm