Significance and How to Improve Company Culture

Organization culture plays a huge role in holding current employees as well as attracting top new talents for job openings. What’s organization culture? Organization culture is an umbrella word used for norms, values, and general behavior that defines the company.

Routine plays a huge role in establishing acceptable behavior and standards within the workplace. All this helps to mold an organization’s visible culture. To enhance culture there is a need for routine analysis and if necessary, make changes.

Managers help to establish routines

Engaged managers and employees set acceptable norms. For example, if the manager rolls in 10 minutes late for work, then that routine will be transferred to employees. It may build a tardy culture, where bending rules is acceptable.

For employees, whose are influenced by workplace routines become their second nature. For example, if staff meetings are held routinely on Thursday each week then the employees expect this to continue every Thursday.

Company handbook is another guideline

Besides the management team, a company handbook needs to be created. It will define the kind of routines and behavior is acceptable in the workplace. According to Dr.I current routines at the workplace need to be analyzed to get an idea of how it is affecting company culture.

Employees and management staff interviews can give an insight into their opinions regarding the company’s current routines and culture. If you feel the routines are not as expected and detrimental, then make adjustments to reset the routine.

For example, if workers complain to their supervisors habitually to get out of their task then establish an official complaint system employee need to use mandatorily. They need to write their particular job description and duties assigned.

It will get employees in the loop of assigned task completion and complaints will be handled through proper channel.