How to make your vacation memorable in Stockholm?

Stockholm is the most visited place and is extremely popular in Sweden. It is also known as the shopping capital of the north and is extremely popular for Scandinavian designs. It is a developed city with tremendously excellent infrastructural facilities for tourists as well as local dwellers.

It is a place of islands and water bodies which are extremely popular among people. It has exceptional museums, park lands and galleries, and many more exciting sites. Tourists here love to get a free walking tour Stockholm which is offered by various tourist guides and is an overall great experience.

Must do’s in the city of Stockholm

Sail through the 30000 island archipelago

  • 14 different beautiful islands surround Stockholm
  • There is a three-hour ferry service available for the visitors to go to these islands.
  • Green lush covered forests and small colored cottages add up to the beauty of these islands.
  • In the winter season, these long ferry rides are free. So winter may be the best time to visit here and take a walking tour Stockholm to explore Stockholm.

Hellas garden’s lakeside sauna

  • Sauna is an integral part of Nordic culture.
  • It helps you to sweat out stress and have some moments of extreme relaxing.
  • There are gender separated saunas to maximize your comfort level.
  • You can socialize with locals diving in the ice-cold lakes there.

Open-air club Trad garden

  • No trip is completed without visiting this outdoor party space.
  • It has rooftop bars, beautiful locations and an excellent place for the party addicts.
  • It offers a considerable area with snacks, table tennis and other games adorned with beautiful lights.

Sunbathe at horn stulls strand

  • It becomes immensely popular and densely crowded in the summers.
  • There’s a jetty to swim, several delicious ice creams and hot dogs stands.
  • At night it gets on another level, crowd gathers have drinks and enjoy the beautiful walking tour Stockholm organized by the guides.
  • Bars offer you drink till midnight, and a lot of youngsters get together and have a lot of fun.
  • It is a fantastic swimming spot, but it requires guts to take a dip here as the water is really chilled.