Ear Gauges – A Form of Freedom of Expression for People

Stretched ears are a growing trend especially among the 15 to 30 something. Ear gauges or larger holes in the earlobes are done over a course of time and can take anything between two to five years depending on how big a hole the person wishes to get. Many people also take it to the extreme by getting multiple holes in their ears so that they can wear many jewellery in them.

Most people in the business and social settings have mixed reactions to people with ear gauges, but are becoming more acceptable nowadays. Many people find it difficult to not stare at the large holes in the ear and often envy the look that it gives to the other person. For most people, ear gauges are a form of personal expression and love to flaunt them. Many people are also affected by the place where they work. But, with so many varieties of jewellery available in the market, it is not difficult to hide them when at work. If you are looking for Ear Gauges, log on to http://www.soscene.com/


With more industries supporting the freedom of personal expression, ear gauges are becoming even more popular among the people. It is best to assess your workplace and opinion about it at your workplace before you decide to get one yourself.