Do You Know the Difference Between King and Queen Sized Mattress?

If you are looking for a new bed and you have to immediately decide the type of bed you need for your bedroom then you would go for king size bed or queen size bed?

On the face of it, it may seem a simple and straightforward decision, however if you go deeper then you will learn that there are in fact a lot of things to consider and know about each variety of bed and their mattress, and also the difference in the size between king-sized mattress and queen sized mattress.

In order to have a better feel and understanding about your next bed or mattress that you intend to purchase, you must know following few things about both queen vs king beds.

King size bed/mattress

  • Any king-sized bed or mattress will be best suitable for a couple
  • The king-size bed offers a person 8 inches more space as compared to queen-sized bed.
  • Ideal size to choose for master bedrooms
  • Suitable for people who are taller than average height

Queen size bed/mattress

  • Queen beds can be suitable for both couples as well as individuals
  • It is the most used size for maximum number of households
  • Most suitable for either smaller master bedrooms and/or for guest rooms
  • Cheaper option as compared to king-sized option.

Whether to go for Kind or Queen size bed is your personal decision. Consider factors like sleep partners, room size and your budget while shopping for a mattress.