Ct sounds meso 8-Feel the power!

Subwoofers are quite important to install in a car as, without them, the music in your vehicle will not give the desired feel and experience.

If you are planning to buy a car subwoofer, then you must check out the Ct sounds meso 8 as it is in trend nowadays. It offers great quality along with banging bass.

If you drive a car with Ct sounds meso 8 subwoofer installed in it, you will surely turn most of the head on the road. It will make you feel like a king, which is a great reason to buy this car subwoofer. Some of the essential aspects related to this masterpiece are listed below.

Strong basket frame

Great power is only an important feature to look out for in a car subwoofer, but along with the frame should also be strong enough to handle the high frequencies with getting damaged. Ct sounds meso 8 subwoofers have a unique arm styled frame of the basket which can easily handle the higher frequencies.

With such a strong frame, you need not worry about the input rate from the amplifier as it would be able to bear the higher rate of inputs without facing any difficulties.

Powerful magnet

The size and design of Ct sound meso 8 is quite sleek and slim, but it doesn’t mean that it is not much powerful. It has an immensely powerful ferrite magnet with 800 watts of RMS, which goes upto whopping 1600 watts.

The price of this subwoofer is quite economical, which makes it an excellent option for ones having a limited budget.

If you are looking for a beat performance and good sound quality, then there is no better option than this.