Connect with the EE helpline to learn more about their Wi-Fi calling plans

Communication is an integral part of both home life and your professional career. However, most mobile users have faced the problems with patchy connections or no network scenarios quite frequently in their lives. It is important to have a backup solution to keep from falling prey to a similar situation in the midst of something really critical like a meeting at a client site or even sitting in a restaurant trying to connect with your family.

With progressive mobile networks such as EE, you have now the opportunity to take advantage of technology utilized in is best form. You can contact the EE helpline to find more about their Wi-Fi calling options.

The Wi-Fi calling feature is supported by both android and window phones on the EE network. The connection feature can only be bought via direct EE stores. If you contact the EE helpline you can find pertinent information about pricing and plans that you can choose according to you budget.

The Wi-Fi calling feature allows you to make and receive important calls and even texts over the Wi-Fi. You can avail the feature without installing any external applications. You can now make calls even without proper mobile network coverage with just the Wi-Fi availability over your phone.