A Buyer’s Guide to Pole Saws


A pole saw is a powerful tool which effectively and safely cut the branches of the trees of your property, in fact, this is the best thing that will suit your need.

Pruning of trees occasionally is very important in order to remove broken branches and thin limbs. A pole saw is the perfect tool to handle this project.

In this article, you will get a complete guide on pole saws.

Works best with heights

  • The best pole saws typically have a height of 10-foot in order to reach the top branches of your trees.
  • You will even find telescoping poles with some brands so that you can adjust the length when required.

Cutting bar length

  • The cutting bar determines the maximum diameter of the tree branch that your saw can cut.
  • Most of the bar lengths range from six to twelve inches of diameter, with eight inches being the most desired bar length.

The weight of the pole saw

  • You will find a wide range of pole saws on the basis of The heaviest pole saw weight around 20 pounds with lighter models available at 7 to 15 pounds.
  • The electric and cordless saws are light-weight in comparison to gas-powdered saw models which are quite heavy.