3 Most Popular Korean Drama that You Should Not Miss

It is without doubt that many Korean drama have made it into the mainstream. There are many Korean dramas that have become popular, especially in the film fraternity. They have a different style of sending across their message, which is very distinct and unique, and this is what makes Korean drama so unique and popular among the global audience. Many of the Korean drama is translated into many different languages so that world audience can enjoy it.

Here are the 3 most popular Korean dramas that people love –

  • You’re beautiful – A nun in training poses as her twin brother and has to keep this a secret. This leads to crazy antics and love triangles.
  • Gull House – When a writer loses everything, including her house, she enters into a contract marriage with the new owner of her house only so that she can keep staying in the house.
  • My Name of Kim Sam Soon – Kim is an average girl with average problems in her life that everyone faces. But, things change drastically when she meets the owner of an upscale French restaurant.

Korean Drama 4

These are the three most popular Korean drama that you should watch, if you love Korean drama and art.