Why Toothaches Occur and Ways to Avoid Oral Health Issues

Toothaches are unpredictable and hinder our life making us feel wretched. The initial thought when the pain is felt is to know the reason behind such oral issues.

Here are few common reasons for tooth pain

  • Tooth decay: You experience pain when the root of the tooth and the surrounding tissues are affected. It needs immediate care as delay may infect other tissues as well.
  • Loss of dentin: Inner layer of the tooth known as dentin is damaged when teeth decay or get infected. This leads to formation of cavities and thus the decay process penetrates inner parts of the teeth damaging the tissues underneath the tooth root.
  • Aching gums: A mild pain is felt when the gum becomes severely infected. You can even notice bleeding of gums occurring due to inflammation of oral bone or gums. It is best to check with your dentist before it causes severe oral problems.
  • Fractures of teeth: Due to an unfortunate accident, your teeth may get cracked or chipped. Sometimes the cracks affect the central part of the teeth that causes pain. Hence, it is best to check with the dentist when teeth are fractured or chipped.
  • Tooth sensitivity: You feel pain when you eat or drink cold or hot food stuff. This happens when your teeth enamel is fully gone, hence tooth dentin or the nerves within the teeth is exposed. To protect the inner part of the teeth, it is best to use toothpaste that is specially made for this purpose.
  • Fillings of teeth getting damaged: Dental fillings used to cover the cavities, gaps and to cover the fractured part of the teeth that is removed or damaged. Hence, you feel pain in the affected teeth.

If you feel mild pain in teeth it will be helpful to consult Los Alamitos dental specialist if you live in the city or nearby. They will not only treat the pain but also other oral health issues you may have.