Why Rx24 is a better option than hormone replacement therapy

Hormones help regulate the body’s responses to various different triggers as well as maintain optimum health. Testosterone is a very important male hormone that is closely related to male sexual health and proper toning of the muscles and bones in the body. Having a failing testosterone level can show symptoms of a failing sex drive, brittle bones, and inability to retain muscle mass. Hormone replacement therapy is often seen as one of the treatments for this condition. However, a supplement Rx24 might prove to be even better as a treatment and prevention against this disorder. Here are two major reasons why the supplement can be more advantageous than the HRT.

HRT introduces artificial hormone in the body

Often hormone replacement therapy introduces artificial versions of testosterone in to the body via a series of injections. The body has to cope with the introduction of foreign antibodies along with this intrusion. If the body is not, able to adjust to the hormone levels it might even lead to nervous disorders and the excess hormone might continue to circulate in the blood doing more damage.


Rx24 introduces natural testosterone production

The supplement on the other hand helps the body to produce natural levels of testosterone. This also happens at a gradual pace allowing the body to adapt to the change more steadily.