Various Beneficial Effects of Guanabana Fruit on Your Body

Guanabana fruit has a lot of health benefits, and it includes the reduction of free radicals which prevents cell damage, protein, and DNA. The pulp and skin of the guanabana fruit extract are useful in reducing inflammation.

There are a lot of chemical compounds found in the fruit,and some of the most famous are phenols, alkaloids, and acetogenins.

Below, we will talk about the various benefits of consuming guanabanas fruit.

Guanabana leaves prevent mosquito-borne diseases

  • The leaf extract of the fruit helps in reducing malaria activity. The leaf extract and seeds are toxic to the larvae of mosquitos which causes disease like dengue and malaria.
  • Therefore, not only the fruit but the leaves and seeds are also beneficial for various diseases.

Helps in reducing inflammation

  • The pulp of the guanabana tree and skin are useful in reducing inflammation in mice as it reduces chemical mediators.
  • The extract of the leaves helps in reducing chronic inflammation in mice.

Useful for diabetes

  • In research, it has been found that the leaf extract of the fruit can reduce blood sugar as well as increase insulin.
  • The content of the fruit extracts, skin, and leaves is a key enzyme against severe disease like type 2 diabetes.