Top Features of Trackr Bravo-A New Revolutionary GPS Tracker Device

If you use GPS technology often, then it is for sure that you must have heard about the Trackr Bravo. It is one of the most useful GPS devices that is ever invented, and is now used by thousands of people worldwide. It is a small coin sized GPS tracker, which can be easily attached to just anything, like car keys, home keys, placed in a car, bike or wallet, or can even be fixed with the collar of your pet.

Now, if you misplace any of the above items, you can easily find the item within seconds. The Trackr Bravo is coin sized, small, and powerful. It comes in many different colours to suit your preference. Moreover, its accuracy and sync with the software that is available on the phone makes it easier to use it. You would be pin-pointed to the exact location where the Trackr Bravo is, and it can even ring an alarm, which would make it easier to find the lost item.


Trackr Bravo works excellently with Android as well as iPhone, and is a perfect way to replace those bulky GPS tracker, which are pricey and takes a lot of space.