Top 3 Ingredients in Brain Plus IQ – How they work?

Cognitive enhancers have become the latest recourse for most urbanites looking to deal with the pressure of forever-present competition at work and responsibilities at home. Sharp brain and retentive memory are the best assets. Unfortunately, many adults face a gradual loss of the sharpness of their brain function with the advancement in age. The cognitive enhancers in the markets are mostly focused on younger brains, which already have a natural ability to keep on developing up to a certain age. However, the sensational product Brain Plus IQ is unique in itself as it is designed to help memory enhancement for people above the ages of 30 years.

The superior functionality of the product is rooted in its setup of ingredients. Here is a look at the 3 major ingredients that make the product so unbelievably good.

Phosphatidylserine – natural nootropic

This ingredient is a naturally occurring complex that is used in most efficient nootropic supplements in the market. It helps in repairing and further building damaged cell membranes helping restore brain functionality for elderly adults.


Gingko Biloba – Natural cognitive supplement

This ingredient is nature’s very own cognitive enhancement supplement which helps to direct the blood flow and oxygen supply to the right parts of the brain for superior functionality.

Glutamine – Functional neuron booster

It helps to fuel 2 particularly important neurotransmitters in the brain and cuts back on the ammonia buildup that often leads to lower brain functionality.