Top 3 Access Features That Should Be A Part Of Your Iphone Casus Yazılım

Modern technology has provided a variety of different spyware options to help monitor your activities on the iPhone. You can use the spyware to monitor the devices of your spouse or even your kids. In some cases, the software has also come in handy for getting evidence for legal cases or research for investigative journalism. However, whatever you use the iPhone Casus Yazılım for; you need these three access features to definitely be a part of the list.

Accessing real time communication

The feature allows you to listen in on real conversations on call while they are actually happening on the device.

Accessing call recordings

The feature allows you to record calls in case you were not active on the software interface while the actual conversation was conducted on the device. You can easily log on to the interface and playback the recordings to get all relevant information regarding the conversations conducted on the target iPhone.


Accessing the media files

The feature allows you to browse through the media library of the target iPhone to check through downloaded or recorded videos, images and document files saved on the phone’s memory. Both memory card and in-built memory caches can be accessed under this feature.