Top 2 mistakes To Avoid while creating Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Creating Visibility of Website isn’t easy because it requires proper strategies.  Before creating any plan, a person must read the algorithm of Google carefully.

Try to create content and techniques using the proper guidelines. Some professionals are suggesting that a website owner should hire a writer that will able to offer top-notch quality content for your website.

SEMrush is a perfect company that is delivering information related to the latest SEO updates. A person must stay competitive in the market by choosing effective strategies for their website.

Here I have recapitulated two mistakes that you need to avoid while running a marketing campaign.

  • Avoid Duplicated content
  1. Content is considered the most important part of SEO. Every website requires Superior quality content that can improve engagement and reach of the site.
  2. Make sure that you are website is passing the Copyscape plagiarism Test.
  3. In case, if you are using duplicate content, then you will face a penalty for it.


  • Stuffing of Keyword
  1. Google is reducing the ranking of those websites that are choosing the keyword stuffing technique. Therefore, it is your responsibility to add the keyword naturally in the article.
  2. Keyword stuffing will surely hurt the engagement rate of the website.


  • Fake directories
  1. The majority of the marketers are using the directories that are improving the ranking of the website.
  2. Nowadays, if you are submitting the link in the directories, then it is considered as spammy. A lot of providers are offering a lot of Backlinks.
  3. To enhance the ranking of the website in a few days, a person must consider a trustworthy website that can offer the backlink.
  4. You have to make the use of Trusted and reputed directories as per the niche.

Why Consider SEMrush?

  1. For valuable keyword suggestions and effective marketing techniques, a person should make the use of SEMrush that is considered as valuable tool.
  2. This particular tool is considered as really great that will help you in creating a powerful content marketing campaign.
  3. The analytic report offered by the tool is extremely detailed and cover different fields like organic and advertising research.