Things to do Before Listing Your Home for Sale

If you are looking to sell out your home, the best option available for you is to list it on the internet websites, which will attract huge buyers. However, to get the maximum value for any property, some things should be done to all San Francisco homes for sale. Few of those tips are discussed below.

Ensure that the house has afresh coat of paint and its carpets are freshly cleaned. Studies show that with a small nominal investment of this, the property value goes much higher.

Your house should always look de-cluttered and nor expansive. Ideally you should clear out one third of the stuffs. If that is a challenge ensure that all counters and surfaces are spotlessly cleaned with minimum items in display. The pantry and master bedroom closets should have few empty shelves to give impression of large spaces.

Always ensure that the flooring and all spaces in house is pristine clean and immaculate. It speaks volumes of good maintenance, which always makes a good impression.


Even though buyers get the house inspected, go a step ahead and get it done yourself. This will help you get the necessary repairs done or adjust them accordingly in the budget and pricing. This will make the sale process hordes less hassling when you hire an agent to sell your house to.