The Top Fishing Rods For Any Occasion

It may be a while since you purchased your last fishing rod but you may well be surprised with the modern features that they have got inculcated. Beating the primitive stick and line used once, the top fishing rods of modern times provide many advanced features like navigating in different directions. This facilitates the spinning reel to move freely on its access while you are trying to reel in the fish, zigzagging through the water.

The basic design of the actual pole has not changed much as it still remains very thick at the bottom and gradually tapers to be thinnest at the top. This is because such design allows maximum stability as well as flexibility. However, they have become stronger and robust which makes them better able to withstand wear and tear and last for a much longer period of time.


For any fishing rod, the standard size is considered to be six feet six inches. But there are both smaller as well as bigger dimension poles available. The length is best selected depending on the type of fishing you intend to pursue as the length deeply impacts the force that the reel can withstand without breaking into two. Based on these factors, one may choose from cane poles, spinning rods or jigging rods.