Reasons Why You Need to Go for a Root Canal Treatment

If you are suffering from severe toothache then your dentist may prescribe you to go for a root canal treatment. It is indeed troubling news for you as the health of your teeth is in a very poor state. The procedure is not going to be quite painful and you may need to go for it, as it may get further infected in near future.

Your root canal dentist will suggest a root canal procedure when the surrounding area of your teeth starts getting infected and very soon it is going to decay. In this condition, surgery becomes very essential as the nerve as well as pulp of the tooth has been infected and getting deteriorated.

With root canal procedure the dentist will clean and remove the infected areas and finally seal the infected tooth. This is not painful as anaesthesia is given before the procedure, however after surgery proper dental care is needed during recovery period and during this period the patient may experience more pain.

When the tooth gets infected then its nerve tissue and pulp is destroyed and due to this reason, there is bacteria formation surrounding the tooth. This infection causes abscess which is an infection that can spread on the root of the tooth and totally damage it. In such condition not only, the mouth but your face also starts swelling and further spreads onto your neck and head. If it is not treated then it can cause bone loss too.

In such situation, it is better to consult an endodontist instead of an ordinary dentist