Reasons to Contact Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

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Pregnancy is an exciting and joyous phase in every women’s life. Nine months of waiting desperately for the new baby to arrive is filled with excitement and anticipation. Women subjected to unconstructive treatment at workplace due to their pregnancy or have medical needs during prenatal period can get overwhelmed with sense of fear, anger, and injustice.

Protection against pregnancy discrimination

It is a type of sex discrimination. As per the law, would-be-mothers and other working mothers have specific rights under FMLA [Family & Medical Leave Act], Pregnancy disability act, FEHA [Fair Employment & Housing Act] and CFRA [California Family Rights Act]. They get protection against pregnancy harassment and discrimination. Women get strong protection under these statutes.

In case of violation of CFRA, FMLA, FEHA or Pregnancy disability act by the employer take help from an experienced lawyer. Pregnancy discrimination lawyer can protect and impose your rights. They listen to your case, understand your situation and the amount of stress due to workplace pregnancy discrimination.

Are you subjected to pregnancy discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination is tricky. The manager may seem peculiar, when you disclose pregnancy status. Following the disclosure, the manager may seem aloof, get more critical about your task performance or allocate more workloads. A co-worker or manager may make disobliging comment regarding your upcoming leave or increased workloads they experience due to your approved medical absences.

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Many employers terminate female employees, when they go on pregnancy leave. Replace with workers not in need for medical leave and is instantly available to do the tasks pregnant woman performed.

Sometimes, the women after childbirth returns to work is placed on performance improvement plan and later terminated on the basis of poor task performance.

In such cases, you can contact experienced pregnancy discrimination lawyers.