Profiling Charity Scams and the Genuine Good Ones

With devastating and earth-shattering news of calamities, unfortunate incidents, etc. hitting us every day, it’s hardly surprising that some of the blessed and generous Samaritans do their part by donating to some of their perceived best charity. Unfortunately, many such organizations work as the perfect veneer for scammers to squander a huge amount of money for their own greed. However, the below tips would help you identify genuine ones and ensure that your donated money actually gets utilized in charitable work.

Mistaken identity

The scam charities often adopt a very similar name to a genuine charity to mislead the people. Thus it’s best to do your own research before donating. Do not oblige on any phone or email requests. It’s best to ask for their registration number and check on their authenticity yourself. Get More Info about best charity, please check


Avoid impromptu donations

Never ever give in to over the board emotional appeal and mounting pressure to donate on the spot. Ask for their complete information and credentials including their website, tax-identification number, etc. In the scenario of no information forthcoming, you know of escaping duping. Responsible and authentic organizations would gladly accept charity any day and would never any underhand means or unnecessary emotional levers.

A little caution can ensure your money actually getting used for charity.