Most astonishing things that you can do in Grand Theft Auto!

Video games have gained massive popularity in the past few decades as there are several games launched in the market.

Numerous games have come and gone in the past decade, but Grand Theft Auto is a game that has maintained its popularity in the market.

Several titles have been launched under the series of Grand Theft Auto games, and the latest one is the GTA V. There several exciting things and activities that you must try in the GTA, and some of them are as follows.

Click selfies within the game 

Grand Theft Auto is known for the real-time graphics and cutscenes provided in the game.There are numerous amazing things in GTA that you would want to save forever and to do that, you can use the selfie feature.

You can use the Snapmatic phone app to click selfies between the cut-scenes. The best thing is that when you click selfies, the character will pose and look into the mobile phone, which makes it more real.

Dress like other characters of Rockstar games

Rockstar Games have produced some of the most fantastic games, and each one of them has different characters. In Grand Theft Auto V, you can dress your character as any of the characters of any Rockstar game.

If you are a fan of the classic GTA- Vice City, then you can dress as it is the main character, Tommy Vercetti. You can also copy the attire and look of the main character of the popular Rockstar game, Max Payne.

Explore the underwater world

Grand Theft Auto’s latest version allows you to enjoy scuba diving and enjoy the world under the water. You can dive deep into the water and do numerous activities such as shark fishing, swimming, etc. If you love treasure hunting, then you can also find hidden treasures under the water.