Mind-blowing tips to make the most out of your PS4

Sony has been a leading brand in producing gaming consoles, and its PlayStation series has been immensely successful across the globe. The latest version of this series, which is named PlayStation 4, has achieved exceptional sales, and gamers loveit very much.

The company has infused numerous awe-striking features into it and turned it into a complete entertainment box. The features get more advanced as PS4 controller accessoriesare attached to it. There are infinite hidden and unique features that can easily blow your mind.

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Some unknown features in PS4 that you must try

Motion control typing

If you are using PS4 for surfing the internet and you need to type something on the web, it can be challenging typing long sentences using PS4 keyboard so to ease your way PS4 has hidden feature that allows you to type by your hand gestures.

You need to press the right stick down when the keyboard pops up on the screen, and then you can use motion controls to type whatever you want to write. You can also use the official app of play station; available on all platforms to type on PS4.

Organize your friends’ list

Usually, most of the gamers have a group of friends in which all are game freaks and gather online to play video games. You can communicate and play with them by adding them to your friend list. You need not select them one by one as it is quite lengthy and tiring; instead, you can add them all to the group at once.

You can even turn on notifications for any of your friends, which will send you an alert whenever that friend will get online.