Melatonin Is The Best Dermal Formula For Defending Against Harmful UVR

UV radiations are invisible and are constantly bathing the earth. Over exposure can cause several diseases.

How UVR impact living organism?

  • UV rays affect the entire body’s homeostasis.
  • Oxidative processes get triggered and toxic free radicals get generated.
  • Radicals are the main culprit of most diseases.
  • Skin is your body’s largest organ.
  • It is the first defense line protecting against pathogens and troubling homeostasis.
  • Acute burns disrupt the skin barrier giving pathogens free entry, which can cause death.

UVB and UVA radiations

  • UVB penetrates epidermis layer and reaches the dermal layer.
  • UVA reaches sub-dermal layer or inner-most parts, which comprises of hormonal machinery, immune cells, and other vital glands. Click to read more about Melatonin.

How to handle UVR issues?

  • Melatonin is a capable radical scavenger, which helps to delineate anomalies induced by UVR.
  • It is a hormone produced in human body.
  • It is proved to be the best UVR preventive.
  • Its anti-UVR attributes depends on the time it is administered.
  • The concentration at which it is administered as per recommendation is 10-3 to 10-4 M for efficiency.



  • Melatonergic Anti-oxidative system (MAS) is the latest discovery that delivers protection against different antibiotic and biotic stressors.
  • MAS not just defend the external epidermal tissue but even the core dermal gland as well as hair follicles.
  • It is very helpful because UVA possesses deepest penetrative power, which affects sub-dermal structures.
  • Tropical dermal formulation including melatonina is best for counteracting the toxic UVR effects.