Looking For the Best california air ambulance services

In EMS care helicopters are frequently misused. Is air transport the right alternative for your patient or not.

Logical reasons to call for California air ambulance services

Use ‘F-A-L-T-E-R’ acronym as tool to bear in mind the vital considerations before calling aero medical services.

F – Fear

  • Fear is not the reason for calling air transport.
  • Helicopter may be your panic button because you don’t feel sufficient to handle the patient.
  • Don’t be scared, bring additional help in case you feel the need and get moving.

A – Access

  • Is the scene convenient for helicopter access?
  • Dicey landing zones and bad weather make helicopter option to be high risk endeavors.
  • It is better not to waste hours in trying to move patient to acceptable landing site but head for the hospital.

L – Lazy

  • Laziness needs honest gut-check, especially when you are working with EMS care.
  • For example, if the hospital is one-hour drive and your shift changes in half an hour, helicopter is a good alternative.
  • Helicopter option allows dodging time and emergency transport task.
  • Sometimes, standard documentation process also gets eliminated if the patient is handed to local air crew.
  • Personal soul searching is crucial if you are trying to saddle a patient with extra transport bill rather than loading the patient and driving towards the hospital.

T – Time

  • Severe trauma, myocardial infarction, and strokes may benefit from decreased transport time.
  • Stable patients with injuries looking scary, minor injuries, and diabetic problems are not considered as emergency situations nor need rapid transport.
  • Evaluate if the patient needs rapid transport before calling air medical services.

E – Extrication

  • If patient meets rapid transport requirements but transport may be delayed then consider helicopter services.

R – Real

  • Consider the real-time needed for helicopter transport.

Learning about real reduction transport time is crucial to consider.