Key Parameters to Consider While Choosing a Permanent Magnet

Each and every type of permanent magnet has a different set of characteristics which has a direct relationship to its performance and applications. The magnet manufacturers are the best one to understand these differences in the characteristics of the magnets.

Now while choosing a permanent, you need to consider some of the critical parameters that are as enumerated below.

  • The first thing to consider is the temperature since is one of the most important parameters to while choosing of a permanent magnet. It needs to be remembered that the magnetic field is not the same and changes with the change in temperature which either gets stronger or weaker with the rise or fall in temperature. Thus, it becomes essential to check the usable range of temperature of the magnet.
  • Availability is another of the important parameter that needs to be addressed. The issues related to the price of the raw material for the manufacture of a permanent magnet are a vital factor that needs to be checked.


  • Finally, while the selection of the permanent, it becomes imperative to look out for its magnetic output. The tow key metrics that need to checked here are residual induction and maximum energy output.

Checking all these parameters will help you to choose the best suited permanent magnet.