How to select a mattress based on its gauge number – Every fact about mattress gauge number or coil strength

The gauge number of the mattress measures the thickness of the coils inside the mattress. Lesser the number better is its strength. A good mattress should have gauge number between 12 and 15. The gauge number is usually printed on the label. If not, the buyer should certainly enquire about it to the salesman at the mattress firm Houston.

 Here is a complete guide on how to select a mattress with good gauge number.




Ideal gauge numbers

 If a customer is looking for a soft mattress, he can go for a mattress with gauge number 14. On the other hand, if he is looking for a mattress to offer firm support, he can opt for a mattress with gauge number 13. A mattress firm Houstonwill certainly have mixed type of mattresses. Be cautious and never pay more for higher gauge mattresses.

Why mattresses with lower gauge number are better?

 Smaller the gauge number thicker are the coil wires. Thicker wires last longer. However, many customers replace their mattresses before the lifespan of the coils. Therefore, strength of the coils is not a compulsory requirement when it comes to durability of the mattress.

But it is important for the buyer to learn about it to assess the cost of the mattress. This is because, every salesman at the mattress firm Houston tries to maximize his sale.

Number of coils

The number of coils decide the lifespan of the mattress. More the number of coils, better is its support and longer is its lifespan. Avoid mattresses with low coil counts. The following are the minimum number of coils a mattress type should possess

  1. Full mattresses – 300 coils
  2. Queen size mattresses – 380
  3. King size mattresses – 400

The mattress firm Houstonwill provide such details if it is not present on the label.

Type of coil

 There are 3 types of mattress coils namely

  1. Hourglass coil – They are the most common type of coil. Bonnel and offset coils are its sub types
  2. Pocketed coil–They are also called marshall coil or encased coil. They are usually wrapped in fabric. They are the most expensive coils
  3. Continuous coils –They are S shaped coils made of long wires. These coils increase the durability of the mattresses to the maximum level