How To Find Out Running Status Of The Train On Phone

India offers one of the most economical railway transportation services in the world. It’s well-known for its efficiency, reliability, services and vast connectivity throughout the country. Now, some of the popular railway information services are:-

Train locator                                                                                                                      

This mobile application can be easily installed in Android phones as well as smartphones. It tells passengers about live train running status and train location. For acquiring information from this app, you just have to enter details like train number, source and destination, train name, station name or code and intermediate station.

Running train status

This app is found in android phones and smartphones and it tells people about the current running status of trains. It’s easily accessible and provides extra information like time table, arriving trains, train numbers, PNR status and station codes. Through this app, you can also see your train’s exact location on the Google maps.

IndRail app

This mobile application gives information on seat availability, PNR status, train routes and fare enquiry. It has features like quick seat availability, information on train routes, notification services and fare enquiry where you can see the complete fair details.


Other useful mobile apps for checking the running status of your train are:-

  • Indian rail info- you can get information about Indian railways anywhere at any time. It provides the users with transit associated information on Indian railways and supports features like PNR status, seat availability, train search, running status, arrival and departure, fare enquiry, etc.
  • PNR status- this app provides information on running status, PNR status, journey details, SMS or telephone enquiry services, etc. It is really fast and it can be used quite easily.

We all know that technology has changed everything and it includes railways too. You don’t have to ask anyone about anything related to trains because every information is easily available through internet and wireless technology.