How to evaluate a mattress? – Tips to make the right choice of mattress that supports and comforts appropriately

A good healthy sleep is essential to regulate blood sugar levels, keep the immune system function properly and to improve heart health. This can be achieved only if the mattress offers right support and comfort. However, the marketing messages, extra features, smartness of the mattress at mattress sale Denver and promotions make mattress shopping a challenge.

Get prepared to understand the physical compositions and interior of the mattresses. Here is a simple guide that will help to evaluate a mattress at the store.

Components of a good mattress

Springs and Coils

The mattresses at the mattress sale Denverare made of coils. The wires in the coils are of different thickness for different mattresses. A lower gauge number denotes stiffer and thicker wire and firmer mattress. When the steel concentration of the coils is higher, the quality of the mattress is better. However, this is not the only factor governing the quality. There are other factors like mattress type, number of supporting coils, foundation layers, etc. Always choose the mattress based on comfort and support. Never prioritize durability and reliability over comfort and support.

Mattress padding

The mattress padding is usually quilted as the top most layer. It is always made with foam. In general, softer foams are soft and moist to touch as compared to firmer foams. Never go for cotton mattress padding as they are less comfortable than the foam padding. The purpose of padding is to provide comfort and is offered by foam padding.

Insulation mattress padding

These paddings cannot be felt from the top of the mattress. This is because they are usually placed on the top of spring coils of the mattress. Their purpose is to protect the coils. In these types of mattresses at the mattress sale Denver,the top layer alone can be replaced in case of sag issues. The insulation padding acts as a buffer preventing the transfer of sag to the foundation of the mattress.

Mattress ticking and quilting

The mattress ticking is mostly the outer layer of the mattress. It is made of polyester or cotton polyester. The quilting attaches ticking to the mattress. In these types of mattresses at the mattress sale Denvercheck on the quality of stitching. Look for consistency and broken loops.

Mattress foundation

Mattress foundation adds another layer of support to the mattress. They are usually made of wood or metal. When a mattress is placed over a wooden frame, they offer increased firmness than when placed over box springs.