How the mattresses have evolved and affectedthe quality of life

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Evolution of the mattress quality

The technology of mattresses has come a long way with evidence suggesting that the Neolithic people who were present in over 10000 years ago, began by sleeping in beds which were very primitive. By 3400 BC, the Pharaoh in Egypt discovered the benefits by creating off the ground, a pallet on which sleeping comfortable was possible and had a lot of benefits. In the 18th century, that is when the familiar beds that are present at mattress store Glendale AZ became available. During this time, the innovations which were available included:

  • Cotton mattresses
  • Cast iron beds
  • Mattresses that are made from animal furs

In 1865, that is the time the innerspring mattresses made their debut because that is the time the first coil spring product came into existence. The popularity of innerspring mattresses was at a high in the 1930s and that is when they began to gain dominance as one of the best sleeping solutions in Canada and the USA.

The bed size preference changed in the 1990s. While the twin size mattresses which are readily available at mattress store Glendale AZused to be dominant, the preference shifted to queen size mattresses for the first time. With today’s entrepreneurs and innovative minds, it has contributed to the development of more options of materials in which to get the best comfortable mattress that will offer you with great rest when you use it at night during your sleeping time.