Grief Or Loss-Learn About These Physical, Emotional And Behavioral Reaction

Most of the people have a notion that grieving process is experienced or caused only by losing a dear one. However, this may not be the only reason. A grievance may be caused by the loss of a job, a loved one, a relationship or may be due to bad health. When we are deprive of something precious, we grieve. These process of grieving can trigger many unfamiliar behaviors and confusing emotions.

Eventually, people overcome their loss and carry on with their lives. The process people go through in order to overcome this can be sometimes emotionally messy and very complicated. Not to mention some people are so overwhelmed that they fail to recover and make bad decisions for their lives. You should check out grief books available in many stores, online and offline, in order to overcome loss and grieve.

After a loss, we should keep track of our reactions and responses whether they are emotionally healthy or not. Doing so can help you keep on the healthy path to your recovery. For more information about Grief Books, please visit

Normal grief symptoms:

  • Physical reactions– Change in eating and sleeping patterns, crying spells, physically weak and lack of energy and malaise feelings.
  • Emotional response– Sadness, numbness, irritability, anger, guilt and anxiety or fear.
  • Behavioral changes– Restlessness, less productive or withdrawn, lack of concentration and attention, hard to remember things and unable to think clearly, hearing or seeing the deceased.

Complicated grief symptoms:

  • Physical reactions– Disturbing memories and frequent nightmares, significant weight gain or loss.
  • Emotional response– Persistent aggression and hostility, absent or inhibited grief, irrational fears, phobias, panic attacks, persistent yearning for the lost.
  • Behavioral changes– Withdrawal and isolation from the social group, self-destructive nature, prolonged reminiscent of their loss, lack of interest in anything.


Regardless of your loss, you should try to overcome it no matter how hard it may seem. You should get proper nourishment, exercise and enough rest. Support from the social group is also important in your grief process. If it is hard enough, then you should also consult experts and get help from them.