Don’t Overeat but Don’t Over-Diet – Easy Ways to Shed those Pounds

If you want to shed those extra kilos and get into shape, the easiest solution is dieting. But don’t overdo it. Low-carb, low-sugar, zero-sugar and worst of all liquid diet, the list doesn’t end. Eat right not less. Changing your eating habits improves cardiovascular health. Visit a dietitian and strictly follow the chart drawn up for you.

What to and what not to

A bowl of fresh salad is not as pleasing as a feast pizza, but nutritionally, it is much more. Have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with an apple and two toasts with fresh fruits and boiled vegetables for lunch. Another myth: carbohydrates shouldn’t be had at night. They are good for digestion and one boiled potato wouldn’t play spoilsport.


Homemade tips to try out

Cinnamon and honey with warm water may be the most ancient weight loss agent prescribed to us. It still works. Have it early morning. The green coffee slim option is gaining interest among youth, especially women. It has chlorogenic acid which shrinks the fat cells in our body. We all rely on coffee for staying up at night (can’t be done away with). So, green coffee with its fat burning qualities can be had with a glass of shake.