Different Kinds of Ear Stretching Plugs and Tunnels

There are variety of ear gauging plugs and tunnels available. Each one needs different insertion method.

Different kinds of ear plugs & tunnels

Ear plugs & tunnels with O-rings

O-rings are actually small rubber circles, which slide on each end of ear plug or tunnel.


  • Inserts easily in newly stretched ears
  • O-ring surround makes the stretch look large
  • Cheap option


  • If you fail to secure the O-rings properly they can fall off
  • Dropping of O-ring means the ear plug pair cannot be used
  • O-rings can root reactions like ear sores

Single flared plugs with O-rings

One end of the ear plug is flared or larger than specified size.


  • Simple to slot in
  • Just a single O-ring is needed to secure the plug inside the stretch
  • No concern about losing because its one end is large


  • If you ignore to secure O-ring properly, it can fall off
  • O-rings are designed from synthetic material, which can cause irritated skin issue for some people

Saddle ear plugs & tunnels

Also known as double flared ear tunnels and plugs, it has a little large tip on front and back instead of middle. Find more info about Plugs And Tunnels, please check soscene.


  • There is no need for an O-ring, so the issue of fall out gets eliminated
  • Often designed from organic material like buffalo horn, wood, precious stones and more


  • Inserting is hard because of flared ends

Screw fit plugs & tunnels

Two pieces are designed to just screw together and form plug or tunnel.


  • Easily inserted
  • Large tip in the back and front making holes look large
  • They seem lightweight because plugs are hollow


  • The thread gets ruined overtime meaning screwing becomes hard