Current E-Cigarette Is Not Fetching What You Seek – Try Doubling Or Tripling The Strength

Have you tried the various versions or flavors of e-cigarette? Has it been time since you have used the cigarette? Is the cigarette meeting your desired results?

There are some of the questions that fetch the answer to what is being meant to say here. If the cigarette you have been using has not been meeting your needs, then it is time for a change. By change, it is not meant that you change the flavor you like. You have the option if increasing the levels to the following levels:-

  • Doublers – it just doubles the strength
  • Triplers – simply just triple in strength

There has been no provision for quadruples yet, and there is only these two. You may try the version of concentrates if needed. You may even try v2 coupon codes for clearer understanding.

What does it mean?

This may mean that when you mix your juices to attain the desired levels of nicotine, this way half of the final mixture will comprise of the doubler, which you are looking  for or probably the third of the mixture that would be made of a tripler.

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VG and PG

  • VG – a thicker liquid almost like liquid glucose carries more flavors as compared to PG
  • PG – this liquid is thinner in consistency, but thicker in consistency than water, and is strong enough for a throat hit

You need not change your option or the flavor that you already have been taking. Simple modification may do great for you to derive what you desire. Smoke health to stay healthy.