Common Health Issues associated with Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels can cause a number of problems in men. It can interfere with the sex drive, cause hair loss, make you tired and even cause depression. Still most men are unaware that there are many other health issues that are associated with low testosterone.


Anaemia is caused to the imbalance in the blood due to low iron levels. It has been seen that men with low testosterone are more prone to suffer from anaemia. Anaemia can cause many other health problems like weakness, headache, shortness of breath leg cramps and others.


It is a common knowledge that obese men have lower testosterone levels in the body. Weight gain can be caused due to low testosterone and once you boost the levels, it can aid in weight loss.



A number of side effects of aging like low libido, fatigue and depression can enter into middle age and it is most often aided by low testosterone level in the body.

By knowing the best way to boost your testosterone levels, you can easily avoid these common health problems. One of the most common solutions is taking supplements like somatodrol that can give a boost to the testosterone production in the body.