Common Facts Related to the Heart of the Shaman

Shamanism is a process of healing with various techniques. The study of shamanism has revealed that the shaman’s belief in the art of healing seeks maintenance and restorative balance. They also believe that all life is one.

Thus it is their fundamental responsibility to establish harmony, balance, and intuition into fullness with one another.

Shamans believe that they act as intermediaries between the gods and goddesses, all forms of life that exist and people who are the co-inhabits of the earth. The role of the heart of the shaman has been important throughout the ages.

A few statements will be described to give you a preview regarding shamans.

  • Ingrained by the tradition of shamans, their healing technique is a way of achieving ecstasy. They sought ecstasy as they experience unity with each and every thing.
  • The celebration of ecstasy is made in a forum where the ancient forms of rituals and ceremony can be performed.
  • The shamans and their assistants chant various ancient songs and the rest dance to them.
  • It is their belief that the heart of the shamans should be considered as one which means no links of consciousness with any other being.
  • The students of shamanism have to go through many hardships. They need to show both inner and outer strength.
  • Pilgrims of shamanic followers visit from different places during the ceremony. It is said that pilgrims receive power which is an important aspect of healing.

Thus, shamanism is a form of ancient culture followed by many people. The shamans’ have a belief that there was a time when all life was one, paradise used to exist. Therefore, the heart of the shaman deals in bridging the gap that separation consciousness has created.