Clinical trials for narcolepsy related drugs and their side effects

Before commercializing a drug in the market, it needs to go through a number of stages of clinical trial and then finally submit those reports to get access in the market. This rule is applicable for each and every drug and has no exception for any company or organization. The drug is initially tested on animals and then on human cell lines and after that, it is administered either to critical patients or to people participating in the clinical trials.



Continuous monitoring during clinical trials


If you are participating in a clinical trial then you will be constantly monitored by a team of expert doctor for a certain span of time say 24 hours or 72 hours depending on the drug you have taken. A report is then prepared to state the side effects of the drug and the possible ways in which it could contribute towards the improvement of medicines. During clinical trials, several participants have shown different symptoms which are noted down as the side effects of the drug.


What is narcolepsy?


Narcolepsy is a disorder of irregular sleeping pattern and has a huge number of patients in the united is considered that every 1 in 2000 person in the united states suffers from this disease. Thus, several pharmaceutical companies have been working towards the development of medicines of this disorder and a number of clinical trials are performed on drugs which could potentially cure this disease. Just search for narcolepsy studies near me and you can get details on a number of studies that are conducted on this. If you are someone who is suffering from this disease and won’t mind taking part in a clinical trial then go ahead and do so.


Is anyone eligible for taking part in this clinical trial?


You can visit the website of the center of the clinical trial and fill up an eligibility form to know whether you are eligible to take part in these trials or not. The doctors determine this eligibility depending on your medical history so make sure you put the right details in because in case you hide something it might lead you to trouble later on.


Taking part in clinical trials is a noble service as you are contributing towards advanced medicines, so if you have been planning to take part in any of such trials make sure you contact the nearest clinic.