Cat Burglars and Wireless Security Systems – Can Thieves Damage the Communication

Rate of burglary, theft and in some cases murder rose from past few decades all around the world. As a result, almost all houses and buildings started installing security systems in their building. However, as the technology improved, even thieves became intelligent enough to tamper with the security system of the house before breaking and entering.

As technology developed wireless security system was introduced in the market. Here the home owner will be installing the systems all around their home. These systems will be battery-powered and will be installed with motion sensors. Every time there is movement like a rat or mouse runs near the sensors, it will send signal to the alarm system, which automatically starts the reverberation.

Simple movements near the sensors send an alert to the home owner because of wireless alarm system. This factor reduced the chances of burglars cutting off the security wires like in case of wired cameras, which usually end up in disconnecting the whole security system.

Interference with Wireless Transfer

Wireless cameras communicate with control panel at certain frequency. If a device strong enough to produce higher frequency is placed within the line of communication of wireless cameras, then there are chances that the security system starts jamming and becoming inoperable.

wireless security system 2

In order to counteract such measures, the manufacturers of wireless security system have come up with counter measures in the form of algorithms, which can successfully jam the frequency that can disturb the communication of wireless security systems. The devices that act as RF interference is known as anti-jammers, and you can get them installed during the security system installations.