Buyer’s open guide on mattresses– How to make the right choice based on their performance factors

Sleep is the golden chain that binds the body and its health together. It is the investment made for an effective tomorrow. Sleeping less than six hours a night decreases productivity of the immune system, metabolism and body’s response to stress. Healthy sleeping is healthy aging. In order to achieve good sleeping, it is important for the mattress to perform well.

Here is a complete guide to choose the right mattress based on its performance. The following are the performance criteria to select the right mattress


            Durability refers to the life of the mattress. How long will the mattress perform? On an average any affordable mattress Austin performs well for 7 years. Different mattresses have different durability

  1. Inner spring coil mattress – 15 to 20 years – The durability depends on number of coils
  2. Memory foam mattress – more than 20 years
  3. Latex mattress – more than 20 years – higher the density of the latex sap higher is its life.


Motion Isolation

            When a person moves in a bed it can be felt across the rest of the mattress. This disturbs the sleep of the other person. The higher a mattress arrests this motion, better is its make. This is called motion isolation of the mattress.


The mattressAustin should conform to the users’ body. Only such mattresses give complete support to the S – shaped spine of humans. Thicker and comfort layers made of memory foam offer the best conforming.


            Bouncier mattresses are good for sex. If the mattresses are not responsive, the couples sink deeply into it. This can affect sex negatively.

Temperature Neutrality

            A good mattress should absorb and trap body heat. This comforts the sleeper by making them feel warmer. The buyer should take this seriously while buying a mattress Austin. This is because it can because heat imbalances in the biological system that are not good for health.

Edge Support

            Mattresses are prone to sinking at the edges when people sit and get up from bed. Mattresses with less edge support exhibit less sinking.

Off – gassing

            Mattresses emit off – gassing particles. They are volatile organic compounds and chemicals that come from a newly manufactured item. It can be the odor of the fabric, its color, glue, and other substances emitting chemical particles. In most cases, the odor dissipates in few days. Sometimes, it produces excessively strong odor that persists longer.

The buyer should take off – gassing seriously while buying mattress Austin as they can be allergic.