Best Locations for Your Home Security Cameras

Strategically positioned security cameras all around your property can help protect both your home security and the safety of your family, acting as a deterrent to would-be burglars and also catching them red-handed.

First and foremost, you must select an appropriate CCTV camera system for your requirements and also consider your home security installation areas where you will install it.

If you do not place your CCTV surveillance equipment in the best possible location, it may become ineffective. You may now be wondering where the greatest places for home security cameras are. Before you do so, keep the following suggestions in mind.

Few tips for your CCTV camera placement

  1. Past break-ins

Inquire about the past history of the home by asking previous owners/landlords whether in the past there have been any previous break-ins and where they occurred.

  1. Assess vulnerabilities

Determine the most vulnerable locations of your home, such as the front entrance, but also determine the vulnerabilities specific to your property. Unsecured windows and doors, as well as dimly illuminated areas of your home, may be vulnerable regions.

  1. Weather-proof

Ensure that your security cameras are not disrupted by the environment, such as trees and foliage that hide the path of the camera. Also, avoid putting your cameras in a place where they will be exposed to the harsh glare of the sun.

  1. Additional features

Weatherproofing, as well as night vision, are two further characteristics that can improve the performance of your cameras and ensure that they work well in any situation.