A Preview of Red Dot Sights and Why they are a Rage

Today gun and red dot sights go hand in hand. You just cannot buy one and ignore the other. But Like the wide plethora of guns, you find a wide variety and designs of red dot sights.  But many people are unaware of it and would ask, What is red dot?” Hence we would throw light on that.

A red dot sight is a zero power or one power sight for your gun that utilizes a holographic red dot. They are used either in place of or along with iron sights. Their reasons for usage and the parameters are exact as those for iron sights. These are not meant for precision shooting but for very close and fast shooting. Hit percentage with red dot sights is significantly higher than the hit percentage with iron sights. There is variation in red dot sizes from sight to sight. Few sights also have dots which are variable in size and its color may also differ like green dots.

Red Dot Sights 5

Red dot sights are also referred as Reflex Sights. These are available in ‘open’ and ‘tube’ designs. The tube design is preferable because it is more durable, has superior zero holding, fewer stray reflections and better mounting options. Before any purchase, it’s advisable to gaze through it and confirm that it meets your expectations.